good golly miss molly!!

shoe hit the ramen jackpot wit not one not two not three but FOUR! count 'em four wikkid awesome ramens in the naka-meguro..

kamachidou. this aint a ramen joint, fellas. it's an unholy union of fook-off trendy izakaya an concept ramen lab, with a lot o good shochu thrown in to boot. shoe didn't even know what hit him by the end of it all..

things started of slow. as in NO ramen. just some tasty dishes, thrown out one by one in one o those free for all grab-the-odd-numbered-extra-tidbit-when-noone's-lookin' kinda affairs.. luckily they were pretty light so shoe didnt get all cementy-guts.. the biirus were a-flowin however..

then, the time came. a call to bring on the ramen!

k, first off, there was this lovely here..

shoe kinda remembers it as a shio base, with some wild yuzu-koshu (thats some wiggid citrus peppa shtuff for ya dummies oot there) flava zippin' through the works..

then this beaut.

a sister to the first one, of sorts. light and fairy, ran wit the angels..shoe only got a couple o slurps in on this one..

then a heavy hittin' miso. shoe ran his stink-mouth off on the miso a while back, and has to eat a bit o crow after munchin' on this bowl..


finally, shoe arm wrestled everyone at the table for the right to get a bowl to hisself. a baffling array o toppings shoe aint never seen were there for the plucking..look at this fucking menu!

shoe got this booger here. don't be askin why shoe got what he did, cos shoe don't know either.

now, shoe ordered some special toppings, for this bowl, some deep fried garlick and of course, the chahsew... the bowl came an shoe took a big-ass bite outta the pork. shweet dirty elvis what a sugary treat! but it wan't over, no sir. THE REAL TOPPINGS came on a side dishy thingy...

shoe passed oot for a few moments, then upon waking bukkaked them straight inta the bowl an gobbled the works down.

oh yeah, there was a lot of shochu involved as well. shoe would really like to give a compleat account o all the junk for y'all, but well..

shoe is a mess. ratin' is obvious..

holiday ramen

some shitty roadside ramen from a soba place in the middle of hakone. shoe oughta shoulda known betta thatn to tangle with some limp ass noodles in a weak shoyuu broth wit some lame-O chashew thrown hastily on top, 't get the punters out' in a hurry. ..

hakone was nice, by the way...

three wrong ways for the shitty hakone ramen.

the fix.

oooh, it'd been a while for ole shoe, an he needed a good fix o the sweet sweet ramen. in the tamachi, azabu had the goods.

azabu is just some old stylee counter place. the counter comes upta yer tits, so you can get your gob right in the bowl. no fancy junk, a great little bowl of pure shoyuu ramen. shoe gobbled down a side dish o salty chahan, some great endless kimchi moyashi, an washed it down wit a bit o asahi. the essence of the ramen experience. aww yeah..

ratin to come..

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